A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Bicyclism EP is a physics-based survival racing game where YOU are the bicycle. Learn to ride a bicycle in an artistic fashion! Grab some controllers and crash into ride with your friends!

Bicyclism EP is still in development! Everything is subject to change, and many aspects of the game are not final. ETA 2016!

Target Release Features

  • 4 player split-screen!
  • 1 player single-screen!
  • 3 beautiful worlds, coming in at 10 levels a pop!
  • Each world has two different appearances, the sunny islands become the frozen tropics!
  • Rocking electronic soundtrack by Yuxxie
  • Multiple bikes to choose from, including Standard, Unicycle, and Penny Farthing
  • 2 game modes, both multiplayer enabled
  • Grand Prix - a race tour through all levels in a chosen world
  • Remix - A wario-ware style mash up of bicycle flavored mini games
  • Bicycles!


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